• In line with Government, UGLE, and PGL guidance the Directors of the Hall are sorry but until the area returns to Tier 1 we have had no choice but to close the hall to the members.
    We will contact Lodge and Order secretaries when anything changes

  • Northfield Masonic Hall

    Welcome to Northfield Masonic Hall

    Welcome to the Northfield Masonic Hall Website.

    These pages provide details of the Masonic Orders and Individual Lodges who meet at Northfield Masonic Hall, along with contact details, directions to the Hall and information about
    in general.
    Please feel free to browse the site and if you want to know more about freemasonry in general or wish to visit or join any of the Lodges then please use the Contact Us page or click here for more information.

  • Visiting the Lodge Rooms

    We work hard to maintain the lodge rooms not only for our meetings but also should you need to drop in during the day to use the facilities: the coffee machine is available during the day and if you need the password for the WiFi please just contact us.

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