• Objectives

    What we hope to bring to Freemasonry in the area


    The Northfield Masonic Hall Limited at 641 Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham B31 2JS was completed and first used in December 1901 as a Masonic Hall.

    The building has over 4,000 square feet on two floors. The ground floor has offices, lobby, dining room, kitchen and washroom facilities. The first floor hosts the main lodge room, offices, storage and washroom facilities.


    The Northfield Masonic Hall Building is a building for the use of the members only. As a public service to the community, the facilities may be rented to responsible individuals and recognized groups.


    The Committee reserves the right to refuse the buildings use to any individual or group when they deem that said use is not in the best interest of Northfield Masonic Hall, its mission or its non-profit status. A member of the Northfield Masonic Hall must be an active sponsor of the event for which the building is being rented. Renters of the building will provide proof of liability insurance for the event.


    The objectives of Northfield Masonic Hall are to provide quality services to the members of the Hall by steady, regular and sympathetic improvements to both the inside and outside of the building over the coming years. The Officers of the Hall intend to ensure Northfield Masonic Hall is one of the best facilities within the Province of Worcestershire.

    Please take a few moments to browse our web pages and use the Contact information should you have any queries or suggestions regarding either the site or the Hall.

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